Sitting on over 10,000 acres and bordering the Lewis and Clark National Forest (the 5th largest national forest in the 48 contiguous states), Three Bar Ranch offers guests exclusive access to true wilderness. Off Route 191, you will travel two miles down a gravel road to a small dirt road. After five more miles of crossing creeks, you will arrive at the Shiell Cabin homestead. Nestled in a quiet valley, there is neither cell reception nor electricity,  only the comfort of a fire from an old cast iron stove. At night, the only noise is the chirping of crickets and the sight of the vast starry sky above.

Herds of elk and deer are common, but bears and coyotes also like to make an frequent appearances. Or perhaps you will be one of the few to spot an elusive bobcat or mountain lion!

We regularly receive requests from Washington to New York from folks looking to experience the real sport of hunting. Every slot will fill, so please contact us in advance regarding reservations and we will do our best to accommodate. Typical reservations span 1 week for a party of 1 to 5. Inquires may be sent to


We are looking for reliable and hardworking individuals with a passion for raising happy cows. We value our employees above all else, and as such, we expect the best. Our responsibility to maintain the land and raise healthy cows is not taken lightly. Our ranch does not allow roping or overstressing the cattle. If you show willingness and the desire to learn, we want to hear from you.


We are seeking interns looking to broaden their skills and learn what it takes to run a successful ranching operation. Whether your experience is in calving, hay production, or welding and mechanics, ranching doesn’t focus in one particular field. Backgrounds in agriculture or veterinary practice are a plus. Ranchers are responsible for understanding everything from the economics of selling cattle to the types of grass and invasive plant species. On any given day, you may be asked to operate a 16 ton tractor/baler safely, install barbed wire fences, or help move a herd to a new pasture. Most of all, reliability and workplace safety are paramount. Ranching requires hands-on hard work and dedication, but at the end of the day, there is nothing more gratifying.

Current Openings
There are currently no job openings.