Three Bar Ranch, Inc. is a family-owned ranch in central Montana.  Incorporated in 1970, the ranch was established by James H. Johnston and Bessie N. Johnston in 1913. Originally, the ranch was home to Hereford cattle, later followed by Black Angus and Angus-Hereford crosses.  In addition to the Johnstons the ranch has been managed by Ken Birch and Margaret Johnston Birch, Lisbeth Birch Page and, currently, William Birch, with assistance from sisters Nancy Birch, Candace Birch-Sterling and Laurie Birch. Fourth generation family members from the Page, Birch, Sterling and Sterk families also count Three Bar Ranch as an important part of their heritage.  As a family and as a ranching entity, we value and strive to preserve and enhance the resources of the land … pasture, cropland, water, timber, wildlife … in our efforts to raise high-quality calves and maintain an excellent cattle herd.